Hi everyone, I'm new to this message board and glad to find it. I'm in the process of re-tooling my acoustic rig. I have a Taylor 812C with K&K western (pre-mini) pickups running into a Rane AP-13, powered by a Stewart PA-200, running into a Daedalus cabinet (S-82). I've enjoyed this set up despite it being a chore to haul around. I've also had to battle feedback with the K&K's and always had to be real careful not to stand to close to the Daedalus. My first move was to purchase a Fishman Loudbox Artist amp. I have 3 weeks to decide if I want to keep it per the return policy. I have to say the Artist map makes the old K&K's sound pretty good but the feedback is still an issue despite the notch filter on the Fishman. So I'm considering changing out the K&Ks. I'm pretty intrigued by the Lyric and Anthem pickups. I'm curious, those of you using these pickups, what amps are you using?