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Thread: Anthem SL endpin pre-amp loose?

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    Anthem SL endpin pre-amp loose?

    Hi from sunny UK.

    I have just fitted one of the above into my Fylde Falstaff (was amazed just how easy it was to fit) but I have a couple of issues - firstly, the endpin jack seems to be made in two halves that screw together, should these be screwed tight together or left loose as it is at present? Second, I now have a slight buzz from my d string (only the d string) I don't think it is fret buzz, could it be a wire inside not secured properly or could it be related to the endpin jack/pre-amp not being screwed tight together?




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    Hi Caleb

    I think I may have fixed it, I took it out l;ast night and had a good look and it appears that the endpin/pre-amp that I thought was in two peices is actually a screw on cover that was not 'screwed on' properly, I have tightened it up and put it ball back together and although I have not tested it with an amp yet, all now looks good and I think the buzzing has stopped.

    Thanks for your very porompt reply though - gives me a lot of confidence in the product.

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    Good to hear, Steve. I though that the issue may have been coming from the loose endpin.

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    Actually, assuming this sounds as good as I expect it to through an amp, I intend to get a M1a for my HD28V as the quality of the product is superb and your amazing fast response to my enquiry yesterday was astonishing!


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    I've been using LR Baggs products, myself, for about 10 years, and I'm still using some of the same stuff now. Everything has held up really well.

    I'm glad that I could help!

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