Hey there,

Do the Vintage X-Bridge and the Standard X-bridge have the same range?

I m talking about the pitch range between the note of an open string (say a G on the G string) and the lowest note produced when the bar is fully engaged (pressed down to the max).

I m about to get an X-bridge to install on my Strat HM to replace those impossible double-locking systems (Kahler Spyder with 2 poles):
- since the distance between the 2 poles is not standard, i m gonna have to drill new holes for the new bridge.
- since the body is routed around and below the Kahler block, i m gonna have to fill it up with wood.

I therefore can choose to fit a Standard (2 poles) or a vintage (6 screws).
So my question before purchasing is: is there any difference besides the poles?

Thank you.