Greetings, first post.

I've been a working gtr player forever, I've never gigged with acoustic gtr until recently. I've always miked my D28 in the studio.

Live, I've recently wrestled with an iBeam in the axe,..both feedback and boomy sound,.it really needs a ton of EQ. I tried the Venue and the Para DI the other day at Guitar Center,..they were cool. What I found was the PADI, took too long to dial in, and I doubt it would solve the feedback issue anyway, The Venue,..using the feedback control,..seemed to make the guitar sound anemic by the time I got it to actually work, it removed most of the gtrs body.

Changing gears. I decided to try the Lyric Mic, should be arriving any day.

My question,...yes,..there is one...

I'm after a real simple setup,..plugging direct into house PA,..or guest amp,..or my mackie PA. In a variety of settings.

Is the lyric in NEED of as much eq as the iBeam is? Or, it needed that I have a Venue. I ask because all the demos I've heard of the lyric were impressive,.but all were run through the Venue.

Is the pickup going to work straight into a mackie board,...make a fine EQ adjustment in a minute and have it sound like my guitar?

I'm really hoping that extensive EQ and feedback suppression are not going to be needed.

Thanks for any heads up on my quest for simplicity,..and quest in having a D28 sound like a D28, quickly.\