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Thread: Passive or acvtive DI for Venue DI?

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    Passive or acvtive DI for Venue DI?


    Been reading about direct boxes and was just curious, this may or may not apply, but is the DI section of the Venue active or passive?

    What does "Full isolation audio transformer couple DI" mean? From what I have read, seems like a passive DI description.

    Also, is the Para DI a passive or active DI?


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    Hey Loren,
    The Venue DI and the Para DI are both active.

    The Venue uses a transformer in it's XLR (DI) output, and this isolates various types of noise from the output signal. Transformers are traditionally used in passive DI's, but they are not specific to passive electronics. The Venue has a transformer as well as an active preamp, so it provides much more gain with much lower noise compared to a passive DI.

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    Hi Caleb,

    Thanks 🎶


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    I guess, I was just in the mode of "the more you understand your gear, the more you will appreciate it". Love my Venue DI. ��

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