I installed a Lyric last week in my Taylor. Previously I had an active K&K Pure Mini... so I removed the K&K preamp and simply wired the passive K&K to the ring tabs on the Lyric. Then I use my Fishman Artist to mix the two signals.

For the most part it sounds good. But the thing that bothers me is that I have to gain up the Lyric excessively. When comparing the two pickups, I have to gain the Lyric to 3 o'clock and the passive K&K to 9 o'clock to get relatively equal sound. Even if I unplug the K&K, the signal strength on the Lyric seems low (with the on board volume at 100%). Is this normal? I had a new battery. As I turn the amp up past noon, I start to notice some hiss... not terrible, but definitely audible.

I tried putting a Para DI after the Lyric and before the Fishman Artist to boost the signal, thinking the Artist may be the noisy part. Gaining up on the Para DI allows me to not use as much gain on the Artist, but I still encounter similar hiss noise at higher gains. This suggests that the lyric is the noise source at higher gains and not the Artist.

Can anyone confirm this to be normal... or offer suggestions.