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Thread: Someone spilled a pint on my Venue DI =(

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    Someone spilled a pint on my Venue DI =(

    Hi all

    It was the last song for the night and I was truly enjoying the gig until a gentleman with a few too many decided to knock over a full pint of beer.
    It went all over my Venue DI. It immediately stopped working. So i unplugged the leads and then all lights were still on(was running it on batterie) so i took out the batterie too.
    I dried it as much as i could and then brought it home hoping that a good nights rest would do the trick for both of us. It didnīt..
    Today when i put the batterie back in to it all lights go on even tho there is no lead plugged in to the input. Itīs obviously not working but my question is what to do next.

    Anybody else had the same bad luck as me? I wonder if itīs beyond repair?
    sad sad sad cause I was very happy with my gear.

    Mind yourselves and advice of the day is.
    Donīt let drunk men dance too close to your gear. Tell em to dance elsewhere.


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