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Thread: Greek bouzouki pickup

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    Question Greek bouzouki pickup

    What is the best pickup choice for a greek bouzouki, Thanks

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    Hello arhidia,
    LR Baggs doesn't currently have any pickups that are tested or approved for the bouzouki. I have talked with several people who have used our Radius pickup. However, because the Radius is designed for a carved top mandolin, it usually takes extensive EQ to make the pickup work at all for live use.

    I can't strongly recommend using the Radius, but as far as our pickups go, I know that other people have used it for bouzouki.

    I know that other companies have pickups that are more specifically designed for that type of instrument. I have no problem recommending another company if I'm not confident that our pickups will best serve your needs. So you may have luck with K&K or Pick-Up-The-World.

    I hope that helps.

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