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Thread: Stagepro Anthem Preamp Smaller Than Existing Preamp

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    Stagepro Anthem Preamp Smaller Than Existing Preamp

    I have a Gibson J185 EC with a fishman pickup system (including a barndoor style preamp). I would like to update to an anthem pickup system and need some assistance.

    It looks like the stagepro preamp is smaller than my existing fishman.

    Would you recommend having my luthier create some kind of custom bezel to hold the stagepro? Or would you recommend getting the standard Anthem system and just leaving the unused fishman preamp in my guitar?

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    The choice is really yours. I've seen people go both routes, and be perfectly content.

    Here is one of our customers who did the retrofit:

    The regular Anthem is definitely an easier option. Both systems sound identical, they just have different control layouts.

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    This is one I did on a Taylor. The Stagepro bezel actually covers MOST of the fishman route but still needs to be filled in to support the preamp. The screw holes will still show unless you repair them. You'll see in the photo that I filled in on both sides of the Fishman hole and repaired the four screw holes. It turned out great. I will do this again. I love the regular Anthem, but the extra controls and Tuner on the StagePro is nice to have.

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