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    M80 & Lyric

    If I keep the M80 in passive mode can I add it to ring channel of the Lyric? I was thinking about getting a Mogami 2330 audio low noise shielded wire, add a male jack at one end and solder the other to the Lyric. This way I couldn't have to mess with the cord that comes with the M80.

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    The M80 can be wired to the Lyric's aux input in passive mode. However, you will only be able to get both signals with the use of a stereo cable.

    I don't see any issues with that setup though.

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    By stereo cable, bo you mean TRS/XLR?


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    Sorry, I should have clarified. TRS, or balanced 1/4" cables will give you stereo output. I usually recommend a stereo Y cable so that you can easily split the signal from the guitar to two separate channels on your mixer, amp, or recording interface.

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