Hi Everyone,

I had a couple questions please... First, I have a friend who is a luthier and an authorized dealer of a competitors product. I am thinking of trying to convince him to also become an authorized dealer of LR Baggs products because I want him to do my future installs. =) What does one have to do in order to become an authorized dealer for LR Baggs?

Secondly, I have a particular instrument in need of a pickup called a bandolin, and it's from Ecuador. It has 15 strings, in 5 course of 3 strings each, and it's a little larger than a mandolin with a decent sized soundhole. It's tuned to these pitches: E5 E4 E5, A5 A4 A5, D5 D5 D5, F#5 F#5 F#5, B5 B5 B5. Wiki it for a better idea please. Anyway, I was thinking about using the new Lyric for this. Think that's a good idea?

So far, I am excited about this brand, and looking into using a Five-O on a S1 Martin Uke soon... Wish me luck.