First time here. Looking at getting the M80. Proud and satisfied owner of M1 Active for a number of years. I like the idea of more body amplification, battery checker and the ability to switch to passive mode. My luthier installed end pin jack and cabling for the M1. Can I use the existing cable and simply plug in the M80?

1975 dreadnought Martin clone
Finger picking and strumming style
Wireless Line 6 Relay ( for wandering around the audience)

Two amplification modes:
BOSE L1 Compact using line out no guitar preset on Channel 2 the BOSE guitar preset on the L1 compact is too boomy for my ears
BOSE T1 mixer using M1 Active Tonematch preset into line out on Compact
Also have BOSE L1 Model II and use it for larger venues always with the T1 Tonematch

Thanks for your help.