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Thread: string spacing vs. pole spacing, wide nut guitar

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    string spacing vs. pole spacing, wide nut guitar


    I've heard great things about the M1a, which I am considering for my Blueridge 143-2.

    The guitar has a wider-than-standard 1-3/4" nut. The string spacing would be wider than the pole spacing on the pickup. I want to know if LR Baggs has anything official from the development team, anything tested and documented, regarding spacing tolerances or anything about performance on guitars with non-standard string spacings.

    I'm also curious about anyone's personal experiences with after-market pickups on guitars with above-average nut width.


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    Hi Michael,
    Do you know what the spacing is at the saddle? From E to E.

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    Thank you for your response, Caleb!

    I took 3 measurements, with calipers, from E to e, as close to the center of the string as possible

    53mm, where the strings meet the pegs, at the bridge (as you requested)
    36.5mm, at the nut
    48.5mm, at the estimated position of the pickup (judging by pictures I've seen)


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    The pickup poles from E to E measure at 50.8mm (2"). So there really shouldn't be any issues at all with that spacing. If there is any unbalance in string volume, it can be made up for by adjusting the individual pole's height.

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    Thanks Caleb, that's great news! I appreciate your help.


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