Firstly, I've got to say I love the Lyric in my Collings D1A and have ordered another one for my Martin. It has basically given me the best plugged-in sound I've ever had. Amazing work.

My question - with a flat EQ it tends to sound quite honky. I dial the mid out on my Para DI and it's fine again but it would be nice to not need to do that and occasionally be able to plug into whatever DI box is on stage already and not have the sound guy raise their eyebrows out me when I tell them to scoop all the mid out.

Should I think about trying to reposition the lyric, or could it be a byproduct of the presence control setting maybe? I wouldn't necessarily want it to sound brighter but maybe it's easier to tame the highs with EQ than get the mid right?

Or it could also be down to the guitar itself....the adirondak top has a lot of bark and I play quite hard?

Anyway, any thoughts welcome.