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Thread: Para DI gain setting recomendation for Lyric

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    Para DI gain setting recomendation for Lyric

    OK Ima Noob....The instructions for the Para DI list approx. gain settings for various mics/pickups. What is a recomendation for the Lyric? i.e. 9, noon or 3 oclock. Thanks

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    I have mine set between 2 and 3 o'clock and it works fine. Generally, set it as high as you can without distortion.

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    Same here- I usually set my Para DI around 2 for the Lyric.

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    Recommendation for Para DI settings with Lyric?

    I have a Lyric in an OM guitar and a Para DI. Can you recommend settings for the Para DI?
    I have been playing it at home through a Fishman Loudbox 100. At my upcoming gig I will play it through the house PA for the first time.
    However, I won't have time to figure out the best Para DI settings in front of the audience. Can you provide some baseline settings that have worked for you?

    I suspect that using this with the PA will be very different than the amp.



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    EQ setting will vary a lot from an amp to a PA, and even from one guitar to another. So it's really hard to suggest anything without hearing it.

    For my guitars and when I use the Lyric, I usually like a cut somewhere around 800hz to start. Everything else varies too much from room to room.

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