I posted a while ago about having feedback problems with the iBeam Active that I have in my Santa Cruz OM. I am currently using the iBeam with a ParaDI, occasionally using a sound hole cover as well.

I feel like I am having to notch out a lot of the warmth of the iBeam in order to avoid feedback, and the sound hole cover seems to make my tone too thin and sterile. I do like the way the iBeam sounds, but am now considering a pickup that is a little more feedback-resistant. I'm sort of interested to try out the M80, but I want to leave the iBeam in the guitar, at least until I decide I like the M80 better, if that even happens. Without having actually tried it, I think I'd like to use the iBeam in quieter situations, and the M80 in louder situations.

(I know the iBeam + Element is the "normal" way to go, but I think I'd prefer the sound of the M80 over the Element in case I need the signal to be predominantly not the iBeam.)

That brings me to a few questions:

  • Can the iBeam and the M80 be used together in a sort of "dual source" way?
  • Would I need something like the iMix preamp to join the M80 and iBeam signals?
  • Does the iMix work with the iBeam Active, technically speaking?
  • Does this even sound like a good idea? Would the M80 and iBeam tones work well together?
  • And one final question, how does the iBeam compare to something like the Lyric in terms of feedback resistance? Is the Lyric only marginally more feedback-resistant than the iBeam when it's compared to something like the M80?
  • Ok, I guess one more. If I already like the sound of the iBeam Active, what is a good feedback-resistant alternative that is not a dual source solution?