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Thread: Lyric - Wiring in end plug

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    Lyric - Wiring in end plug

    Hi I have a Martin 00-21 and itīs end plug is smaller than the preamp/plug provided with the Lyric. Since I want to use an adapter to avoid drilling in guitar. (by the way I think itīis time LR Baggs provided a solution that fits Martin guitars, after all they are no minor guitar builder) I need to know how to resolder the wiring. Is it wired as a mono or a stereo plug? / Frans Mossberg, Sweden

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    The Lyric uses a 4 conductor (TRSS) stereo output jack wired like this-

    Aux Input=Ring
    Switch= Sleeve 1
    Ground= Sleeve 2

    The Ring channel can be used for the switch if you only want to use a 3 conductor jack.

    However, I do need to mention that any modifications made to the Lyric's preamp, jack, or microphone, will void any remaining warranty that the system has.

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