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Thread: Ok to use active DI with M1a?

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    Ok to use active DI with M1a?

    I have a Carvin dreadnought with an M1a pickup. I'd like to use a DI/preamp with it for shows, such as the Venue, but it's way out of my price range. I was thinking of trying the Behringer ADI21.

    My question is, since the M1a is active, will it sound good with an active DI/preamp? Or will the high output of the pickup distort an active DI? The Behringer has a 20db pad feature. Would it be better to just use a passive DI?

    Here's the Behringer:


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    Yep, I use that same DI/preamp with an M80.

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    Cool, thanks! Do you like the ADI21? Reading some reviews, I'm a little wary that it might be noisy.

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