I just bought a Lyric and had it professionally installed in my Eastman E20SS. I'm using it in tandem with a Para DI and a PA system.
Reason why I bought the set because I've had enough of piezos. The Eastman guitars sounds amazing as it as, hence the reason I bought the Lyric to amplify that sound.

Just checked it out during soundcheck, sounds boxy and thin as ***. I've tried every setting, tried it with other DI's, but it stayed the same, terrible.
I tried other guitars, Seagulls and a Cort(!!!) with either a piezo or Fishman Blend system and they blew the Eastman and the Lyric away.
I'm bummed out because I spend a load of cash on gear that sounds even more crappy than the piezo I drifted away from.

Any help would be nice,