Hello everyone, Ive just purchased both a Fernandes Sustainer FSK101 (the cheaper one) and a T-Bridge+Ctrl-X. I have a Les Paul type guitar (four knobs, two hums, three way switch, etc)
Im installing both systems So I can play Horizons and Darktown without switching guitars (Im a Steve Hackett fan).

I asked first to install the sustainer (the work is all done by a luthier), It worked. Then we disconected the four cables from the Stereo Jack: one hot output, one battery´s black wire, and two grounds (one for the pickups and one from the sustainer system). Both Grounds were solded together in the ground part of the Stereo Jack, the Hot output was solded in one of the "pins" on the Stereo Jack and the Battery black wire was solded to the second pin on the Stereo Jack (so when you conected the guitar cable the system turned on).

Im no electrisist but I figured something out.

The only part of the Baggs system that conects to the magnetics is the micro toggle switch´s white cable.
There was only one hot output from the sustainer/magnetic system.
I conected the white cable from the micro toggle to the hot output from the sustainer
The other three wires (the 2 grounds and the Battery black cable) were left there "floating" unconected.

When I went to recover my guitar from the workshop two things happened.
1) the piezo sounded beutifull (I played the first chords of "And You and I" from Yes and sounded very good)
2) the sustainer didnt work (as expected)

Those 3 wires (2 grounds and Battery Black wire), I dont know were to conect them.

Here is the manual of the sustainer

Here is how it Works

PD: I have two batteries in the guitar, one feeding the sustainer and the other conected to the CTRL-X