I purchased an M1a must have been 2010, online from a place in Scotland(I'm in the UK btw!) & the sound was very nasal, I did send an email to lr baggs but didn't get a reply, there was no product registration form in with the PU just the box,& as far as I can remember no forum or support site!.
I thought it was my amp that was at fault(behringer acoustic amp)but since then I have tried it on very many different amps & even tried recording with it & always the same nasal sound, the best I sound I found I can get is if I do a cut @ 868Hz & then it sounds half way ok.
I tried adjusting the pole pieces, I've tried it on different guitars but always the same sound.
I keep seeing posts about how everybody thinks they are great pickups & I'm quite jealous coz mine sounds crap!
I use a Martin D35 just in case anybody thinks it's the guitar that's at fault, just this morning I was going to try sending another email to Baggs when I saw this forum & thought I'd ask here first!
so here's hoping for an answer