Hi all,

I have an old Seagull, S6 I believe, that has the LR Baggs Duet II system installed. I have LOVED it since day one - the sound has always been excellent and the functioning great. A couple of days ago, the On/Off switch stopped working - it no longer will switch to the On position. From pictures I've seen and things I've read online, I know there's probably no way to get it repaired.

So I'm wondering about my options. I know I could replace it - have seen a couple of these units available on Ebay. But - I'd really like an option that includes an easier battery change. I'd still like similar functioning to the Duet II - some kind of EQ and the mic/pickup mix option at the very least. Do most units now NOT require a physical hole in the side of the guitar? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!