I bought the L.R.Baggs violin pickup a few years ago, along with the Feedback Master, and while it definitely amplifies the sound, I've been pretty dissatisfied with the overall quality of the sound I'm getting. I've just never been able to get the acoustic sound I want out of it, and am increasingly dissatisfied with the fuzzy, distorted sound.

Before I throw it all out and look for something new, I thought I'd give it one more shot by checking with the experts.

Have you seen this video?

My fiddle sounds exactly like the LR Baggs pickup demonstration in the second half of the video: fuzzy, distorted, and the recorded version sounds not unlike a horn. :-/

My question is, how can I get a more distinct, close-to-real acoustic sound quality out of my pickup? Do I need a better preamp? Is this as good as it gets? Because, honestly, I'm ready to go back to just using a regular microphone.
I've tried adjusting the preamp and the soundboard but with no real results.
Thanks for your help!