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Thread: Anthem/Anthem SL in Martin 000-15m

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    Anthem/Anthem SL in Martin 000-15m

    I am interested in purchasing an Anthem system for my Martin 000-15m. However I'm afraid that with the A-Frame "X" Bracing, the preamp for the Anthem will not fit since the A-Frame brace around the sound hole is taller than a typical brace. Will it fit at all?
    Also, if it does not fit, will the Anthem SL be better for this guitar and fit properly? Thank you.

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    Do you know how tall the A-frame brace is on the bass side of the soundhole? I've seen 000 Martins that have a variety of brace heights, even from within the same model. So it really depends on your specific guitar.

    I've never seen a guitar where the Anthem SL wouldn't fit, but there are more common guitars that the regular Anthem preamp has a difficult time with.

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