I've got an issue now with my LR Baggs pickup that I purchased back in December of 2010 which is getting a buzz sound on it with my boutique guitar. This is what a guitar tech in Dallas, Texas called a "Mechanical Buzz" transmitting through the mic part of the pickup like something is loose on either the microphone or on the guitar itself. But, if the guitar is played acoustically, I don't hear the buzz. So, it leads me to believe that it is coming from the pickup itself, specifically the preamp.
I've left the tech support department of LR Baggs a voice message asking them to call me back about the Anthem SL pickup and the problems I see being exhibited. Told them to call my cell number.

Acoustic Guitar Forums I'm seeing threads on about the vary same issue I'm exhibiting are calling it a "sympathetic vibration issue". I'd like to get this resolved quickly as I use this guitar for gigs all the time. I can reproduce this very sound on three completely different amps; a 50 watt Ultrasound AG50DS4, a 50 watt Yorkville AM50, and an SWR
Strawberry Blonde 50 Watt amp. All give the same result.
Please help...