Hopefully all you more knowledgeable folks can help me with were to look for an issue I had this morning at church with my setup. I just got my new guitar which has a Lyric installed during the build. This morning I set up my normal rig to play at church and had a major problem. For starters, I had the guitar hooked up to my Line 6 Relay G30 which runs through a Venue DI and then to the snake for the PA system. When I turned on the wireless unit I got a hiss that I couldn't stop. So, figuring the wireless may be the issue I took that out of the equation and hooked the guitar straight to the Venue DI. As soon as the channel was unmuted on the sound board there was a feedback issue that I thought may make the PA system explode it was so loud. I had not even plucked a single note. When I was set up with the wireless I was at the front of the church. When I hooked up directly I was in the musicians pit where the monitors are, but nothing was transmitting through them.

Once that happened I switched back to my Taylor with the wireless rig as described before and had no issues. So I'm trying to figure out where to start with what the issue is. I can hook the guitar up to my Loudbox Mini here at home and have no problems. Our regular sound guy was not at church today so I didn't have time to try and figure out what the issue may be, but I don't know where to start. The only setup I've ever used has been my Taylor with the Expression system and I've never had any such issue, wireless or not. I know the Lyric is a mic so there will be things I need to work on at the sound board but I'm just curious as to where to start. Thoughts and opinions very much appreciated.