I have a "new to me" Larrivee LCJ10-K (all Koa) built in 1998

It came with an older Fishman natural passive pick up. I just had an LR Baggs Anthem installed (the full Anthem, not the SL).

I am using an LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier that I just recently purchased.

After I got the Larrivee back from my guitar tech, with the Anthem system installed, I tried it out with the LR Baggs amplifier - and had some problems. When I plugged the guitar into the amp, I got a low hum - like a "bass rolloff". I tried my other guitars in the amp, using the same cable (Monster Acoustic cable) and there is NO HUM. The odd thing is that if I touched the endpin of the guitar - the hum would stop. Also, if I touched the metal handle of the amp, the hum would stop.

i called LR Baggs and they thought there was a problem with the Anthem system - so they sent me a complete new system. So, back to the tech who uninstalled the old Anthem system and reinstalled the new Anthem system - and THE PROBLEM has not changed!

It is hard to describe in words what I am talking about - but when all the other guitars are plugged in - there is no noise, no hum. When I plug in the Larrivee with Anthem system, there is this low hum- and it is frustrating - especially when both the Anthem and the Acoustic Reference Amplifier are pretty expensive and there should not be this kind of issue.

Anyone out there have any suggestions, any ideas? Since this is the second Anthem system, I don't think that is the issue. The amp is brand new as well.
I am frustrated.