I just installed the Anthem SL into my Lakewood D-10 from 1996.

The slot of the saddle seemed to be a little bit to narrow for UST element.
I had to "force" it in a bit using the saddle, the element definitely touches the sides of the slot and sits very tight.

Now I am not sure if the system works correctly.
- I have to put the mic gain all the way down to get an "acceptable" sound - otherwise I hear a lot of amplified body noises and a very harsh sound.
- The overall signal output level of the guitar seems to be low.

So my questions are:
1. If I fully turn down the mic gain - do I still get signal from the mic, or do I only hear the UST?
2. Might the tight fit of the UST lead to a lowered UST signal? This would explain why I have to turn the mic gain down?

Turning the mic gain down all the way I get an ok sound - but if this is just the UST, i could have saved the money for the mic

Thank you,