Howdy and hello,

I bought the M1a because i saw so many of the players and songwriters that i love using them... tweedy petty justine townes earle etc...

i put the pickup into my 1930 Kalamazoo kg-11 a small bodied flat top (whos neck has been reset refretted and braces scalloped. its a magical guitar with a throaty present tone.
i also own the para DI
after testing and messing with the pickup system for awhile... i am really confused as to what everyone sees in the system.

so help a brother out...

how does jeff tweedy make this pickup (which on my guitar, through nice mid sized PAs, sounds spiky and NOTHING like an acoustic guitar)... how do tweedy and tom petty get such full acoustic tone?

i am ready to take the M1a out and send it to the bottom of the drawer with other gear i hoped i would LOVE.

here is the question...

what outboard gear are the big boys using?
is their tone a result of 1000.00 worth of outboard TUBE preamp?

banging my head against the wall...

please help.

what i am looking for is an acoustic sound on stage that actually sounds like an acoustic guitar.