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Thread: iBeam/M1 iMix help

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    iBeam/M1 iMix help

    Can anyone send me or help me find a manual for the iMix system that includes the iBeam and the M1 pickups? All ive been able to find is the manual for the iBeam/Element system.

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    I'm sorry to say that there is no manual specific to that custom iMIX system. The idea of offering the iMIX with the M1 in place of either stock pickup offering came about after all manuals and user's guides were done for the stock systems.

    Various factors, including the system's higher cost, means there are far fewer of that system sold and used than standard configurations. Frankly, it's more sensible to answer questions about them as they arise than to print manuals specific to each custom system.

    Do you have a question about setup or use of the pickup system?

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