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Thread: iBeam installation in an unusual Levin guitar

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    iBeam installation in an unusual Levin guitar


    Before I buy an iBeam for my customer's guitar, can you please advise it's suitability for installation in this 1970's Levin. I'm not sure that the unusual saddle arrangement might make installation impossible....

    As you can see from these images, the saddles are individual plastic threaded slugs which screw down into the bridge allowing undeniably fine control of the action. But, the slugs project past the bridge plate...

    ...which is in poor condition (the bridge pins are to the left of the image).

    I would appreciate any thoughts as to where and how the iBeam can be positioned to achieve optimal installation.

    Thanks, Guys!

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    Because of the unique thread-in saddle pieces that protrude beyond the bridge plate surface, I would not recommend the iBeam for this guitar. The iBeam would likely have to be positioned behind the string pins, which would decrease the feedback resistance as well as make the string response somewhat soft, less snappy and direct.

    The saddle setup also eliminates the prospect of an undersaddle pickup. In our product line, that leaves our M1 or M1Active body-sensitive magnetic soundhole pickups as they only viable options.
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