After trying nearly every pickup around I am more satisfied with my simple LB6/ParaDi combo than any other. May be due to the fact that I finger pick much more than strum. Also, the string-to-string balance is perfect and the pickup is very responsive two things that are important to me. On the downside, there is a lack of overtones particularly on the bass end ... a lot of fundamental tone, but not much character to the note.

Question: considering the internal out-of-phase wiring in the LB6, is there a mic you could recommend as an second source. I was thinking that Phil Keaggy had used the LB6 plus mic, but I could be mistaken. If there is, how would I go about wiring such a combination. Does LRB still make an internal pre that combines two sources and outputs to a mono signal for simplicity sake?

By the way, I've installed a Lyric in the same guitar. I haven't been impressed with that combination so far, but I'm still working at it. I have a Dtar 3-band parametric eq, so if you have a suggestion about general parameters to make such a combination work, I'd appreciate your input.