Apologies if this has been covered before, but I can't seem to be able to use the search function to search numbers like 12 or m80 etc.

I've just put an M80 into my old 12 string and am after some advice to get it sounding as good as possible. Had an Anthem that boomed and playing around with the lyric position because it is very boxy, and got the M80 out of frustration and needing to be able to amplify my main guitar. Probably should have come here long ago.

The M80 sounds much better than the other 2 through the PA I have used for testing so far.

To get it sounding as good as possible I am looking for advice on:

Strings. I'm told that 12 strings are difficult with Mag pickups as they tend to pick up the unwound string very strongly in the pairs, especially the D and G, but presumably always the lesser wound of the other pairs also. Baggs dealer suggested that the M80 is designed to be used with bronze/ phosphur/bronze strings, but I am wondering if I am still best to use white bronze or even nickel strings for the magnetic properties of the windings. At present I've recently moved to lighter strings for fingerpicking and am using Thomastic Plektrum 10-41s which include silk and mostly flatwound strings. They reduced the boom in the Anthem. Only white bronze strings I know of are GHS and are 11-48 which should not be an issue and may help with reducing my pushing of the strings into the pole pieces. Does anyone have any recommendations? Previously I used 12-54s at standard tuning, but am moving to exclusively using my fingers to play and the old guitar will last a lot longer with the lighter strings.

Pole position height. At present I have wound the poles almost all of the way in, partly to stop me touching the strings to the pole when fingerpicking on the light strings, and partly to mellow out the sound which was quite sharp, probably owing to the increased pickup of the unwound strings. Does anyone have any recommendations for pole height with the paired strings of the 12?

If I can get the lyric sounding good I will drill a second jack hole so I can use both together and also blend. I'll make that into another post.