LR Baggs Presents Taylor McCall

LR Baggs presents Taylor McCall performing live at our Soundcheck office in Nashville, TN.


LR Baggs Presents
Taylor McCall

We recently had the pleasure of recording Greenville, South Carolina’s Taylor McCall at our Soundcheck office in Nashville, TN. He played three songs for us, including “Temporary High” which will be featured on his upcoming album. This session features the Anthem and M1A. Enjoy!


About the gear

Anthem Acoustic Microphone System

The Award-winning Anthem series, featuring our patented TRU•MIC technology, seamlessly combines a proprietary condenser microphone with our acclaimed Element pickup to deliver the warmth and fidelity of a studio-mic’d guitar anywhere you perform. Learn more »


M1 Active Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

The M1 Active is a patented humbucking pickup with a twist. In a common stacked humbucker, the lower coil cancels hum, but doesn’t contribute anything positive to the sound. We unlock the lower coil with a carefully tuned support that allows it to capture higher frequency resonances.  Learn more »