Electric Guitar Bridges

Imagine one guitar that's perfect for blues or rock, has the ultimate clean sound, is great for jazz and has a great acoustic sound without feedback. 




Imagine one guitar that is perfect for blues or rock and roll, has the ultimate clean sound, is great for jazz and has a great acoustic sound without feedback. Sounds like an expensive dream, but chances are that you already own this guitar. It’s your beloved Strat. And all that it has been waiting for to unleash this hidden potential is our vibration bridge pickup, the X-Bridge.

SPACING OPTIONS (E to E): U.S. Standard: 2 1/16” , Vintage: 2 1/8” , Fixed Bridge: 2 1/16” 

FINISH OPTIONS: US standard chrome, US standard gold, vintage chrome, fixed chrome, fixed gold




That great Baggs acoustic tone is also available in a beautiful Tune-O-Matic style bridge. Each saddle contains a miniature high-output pickup. These six pickups can either be combined or can be used discretely for a hexaphonic output. It also works with the Ctrl-X for acoustic or electric sounds at the flip of a switch! Available in silver, gold or black base.

FINISH OPTIONS: Chrome, gold, black



Control-X Preamp

The Ctrl-X onboard preamp combines traditional passive magnetics with piezo bridge pickups for immediate and effortless versatility. With the Ctrl-X, you can mix an acoustic piezo signal with your 

magnetic pickups without active circuitry ruining the sound of your magnetics. Choose between magnetic pickups, magnetic/piezo blend or piezo pickups only with the flick of a switch.




Product Manual

X-Bridge Installation Manual & User Guide (US Standard)
X-Bridge Installation Manual & User Guide (Fixed Bridge)
X-Bridge Installation Manual & User Guide (Vintage)
T-Bridge Installation Manual & User Guide
Control-X Installation Manual & User Guide

Please Note: LR Baggs products must be installed by an authorized LR Baggs dealer to qualify for warranty coverage. Technical assistance will not be provided for home or hobbyist installations.