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M80™ Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

More Body…More Soul

M80 Acoustic Guitar Pickup
The soul of your guitar is in the body - from the tone woods that it's made of, to the fine details in the way it was put together. Standard magnetic pickups hear only dry strings, resulting in an "electric" sound that omits the true acoustic voice of your guitar. In contrast, the M80 hears the entire frequency range of the tone woods, thereby contributing warmth and complexity to your amplified sound.

Anthem Acoustic Guitar Gold Award 2014

The secret of the M80 is a patented, free-floating humbucking coil that acts as a 3D body sensor. As the soundboard resonates in all 3 dimensions, a proprietary suspension allows each axis of the humbucking coil to respond with the guitar's movement. A resonate body signal is produced and blended with the strings to faithfully capture your guitar like no other magnetic pickup ever created.

The M80 also gives you the choice of active or passive settings with the flick of the switch. The active setting engages a preamp with built-in EQ and audiophile circuitry for that "high-fidelity" sound Baggs is known for. Switch to the passive setting and bypass the preamp for a battery free performance. Other features of the M80 include a battery check, volume control and adjustable pole pieces for perfect balance between the strings.


  • Full-range body sensitivity
  • Active or passive operation
  • Feedback resistant
  • Installs in minutes
  • Multi-segment battery check
  • Adjustable pole pieces

M80™ Reviews

Dave Burrluck
“If you think magnetic soundhole pickups all sound electric guitar-like, here's one that certainly doesn't.”
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Acoustic Guitar Magazine – Doug Young
“The top sensitivity is quite dramatic and should appeal to those who use percussive effects, but it also adds more “acoustic” character to the otherwise magnetic sound…The M80 provides a unique option that combines the characteristics of multiple pickups in a single, cleverly designed package.”
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Premier Guitar Magazine – Charles Saufley
“Fundamentally speaking, the M80 has a beautifully airy quality and immediacy that’s reminiscent of a good dual-source system. Whether you’re flatpicking arpeggios or engaging in nuanced and even quiet fingerstyle work, the pickup delivers a very natural ambience.”
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Guitar Player – Art Thompson
“Bottom line: If you’re looking for an acoustic pickup that can cover just about any stylistic application with any flat-top guitar, and deliver a balanced response whatever it’s strung with, the M80 is an excellent choice."
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American Songwriter – Rick Moore
“The M80, an improvement on Baggs’ award-winning M1 pickup, is a magnetic soundhole pickup created by separating the humbucking coil that’s normally attached to the upper coil assembly of the pickup from the magnet and suspending it.”
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M80™ Artists

Of Monsters and MenOf Monsters and Men
Of Monsters and Men is an amiable group of day dreamers who craft folkie pop songs. But last year, the normally mild-mannered six pack transformed into total rock stars after stomping out their competition during M├║siktilraunir, a yearly battle of the bands in their native Iceland. Read More »

Justin Townes EarleJustin Townes Earle
On a rainy Nashville Thursday last October, Justin Townes Earle leapt onstage at the famed Ryman Auditorium to accept the 2011 Americana Music Award for Song of the Year. The triumphant evening capped a turbulent twelve months for the gifted young musician categorized by significant hardship as well as notable achievement including debut performances at New York’s Carnegie Hall and on The Late Show with David Letterman. Read More »

Brady Cohan American IdolBrady Cohan
There isn’t a bigger band behind a bigger curtain than the one that plays for tens of millions of people every week on American Idol—and Brady Cohan is that band’s guitarist. With a repertoire of face-melting solos, R&B rhythms and nitpick-worthy finger picking—skills that won him national guitar competitions as a teenager—Cohan is a natural talent in the spotlight. Read More »

Richard GilewitzRichard Gilewitz
Once touted as one of the strangest men in acoustic music by Spectrum Magazine, fingerstyle guitarist Richard Gilewitz lives up to this depiction with his rousing performances filled with amazing chops, humor, and a history of the acoustic guitar from blues to folk, traditional to classical and somewhere in between. Read More »

M80™ Support

Please Note: LR Baggs products must be installed by an authorized LR Baggs dealer to qualify for warranty coverage. Technical assistance will not be provided for home or hobbyist installations.

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