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2016 Product Catalog

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Product Manuals and User Guides

Please Note: LR Baggs products must be installed by an authorized LR Baggs dealer to qualify for warranty coverage. Technical assistance will not be provided for home or hobbyist installations.

PDF Lyric: Installation Manual
PDF Lyric Classical: Installation Manual

Anthem™ Series
PDF Anthem: Installation Manual
PDF Anthem: User Guide
PDF Anthem SL: Installation Manual
PDF Anthem SL: User Guide
PDF Stagepro Anthem: User Guide 
PDF Anthem SL Classical: Installation Manual  

PDF M80: Manual

PDF M1A: Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF M1: Installation Manual and User Guide

Element Active System™
PDF Element Active System: Installation Manual
PDF Stagepro Element: User Guide

Session VTC™
PDF Session VTC: User Guide

PDF iBeam Active System: Installation Manual

Mixing Systems™
PDF iMix: Installation Manual
PDF Dual Source: Installation Manual

LB6 Series™
PDF LB6: Installation Manual

Violin Pickup
PDF Violin Pickup: Installation Manual

Five.O. Ukulele Pickup
PDF Five.O Ukulele Pickup: Installation Manual

Radius Mandolin™
PDF Radius Mandolin: Installation Manual

Electric Guitar Piezo Bridges
PDF X-Bridge: US Standard Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF X-Bridge: Fixed Bridge Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF X-Bridge: Vintage Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF T-Bridge: Installation Manual and User Guide
PDF Control-X Preamp: Installation Manual and User Guide 

Session DI™
PDF Session DI: User Guide

Venue DI™
PDF Venue DI: User Guide

Para DI™
PDF Para DI: User Guide

Beltclip Preamps
PDF Gigpro: User Guide
PDF Mixpro: User Guide

Discontinued Products
PDF Acoustic Reference Amplifier: User Guide
PDF Acoustic Timbre: Manual and User Guide
PDF Buffer Jack: Manual and User Guide
PDF Deluxe Acoustic EQ: Manual and User Guide

PDF Double Barrel: Manual and User Guide
PDF Duet II: User Guide
PDF Element Onboard System: Manual and User Guide
PDF iBeam Onboard: Cutting Template
PDF iBeam Onboard-Sm: Cutting Template
PDF iBeam Onboard: Manual and User Guide
PDF iBeam Onboard-Sm: Manual and User Guide
PDF iMix Onboard: Manual and User Guide

PDF Micro EQ: Manual and User Guide
PDF Microdrive II: Manual and User Guide
PDF Ribbon Transducer: Manual and User Guide
PDF RTS 2: Manual and User Guide 
 RT System: Manual and User Guide 
 Strapjack Plus: Manual and User Guide